2021 Cobra CX50 FWE


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2021 Cobra CX50 FWE Specifications

MSRP // $5,499 USD *Plus Shipping
Dry Weight // 91 lbs / 41 Kg
Engine // Cobra FWE Venom 50cc 2-stroke
Bore x Stroke // 39mm x 41.7mm
Induction // Case Reed V-Force® Reed Valve 19mm Carb
Cooling // Water cooled Top-end and Case w/Silicone Hoses / Twin Radiator
Clutch // Cobra 5Gx Freewheeling 3-Shoe
Controls // Pro Taper Micro Bars (5/8″) / Breakaway Forged Levers
Transmission // Single-speed auto
Exhaust // Works Style tuned pipe and silencer
Lubrication // Mixture lubrication – Spectro Platinum SX2
Fuel Capacity // .75 Gallons / 2.8L
Frame // Hybrid Oval/Backbone with removable aluminum subframe
Wheelbase // 1038mm
Seat Height // 680mm
Ground Clearance // 245mm
Front Brakes // CARD Hydraulic Disk (160mm)
Rear Brakes // CARD Hydraulic Disk (140mm)
Front Suspension // CARD Smart-Leg 32mm USD Fully Adjustable 210mm travel
Rear Suspension // CARD Fully Adjustable (High & Low Speed) 248mm travel
Wheel Front / Rear // Cobra 12″ Forged & Anodized / Cobra 10″ Forged & Anodized
Tires Front/Rear//Dunlop 60/100-12 Geomax MX33Dunlop 70/100-10 Geomax MX33


2021 Cobra CX50 FWE   “What’s NEW”

  • NEW! Forged and anodized wheels made of aircraft-grade Aluminum. These wheels are lighter and stronger featuring an all-new spoke pattern resulting in reduced unsprung weight and improved handling. 12” front and 10” rear.
  • NEW! Hybrid Oval/Backbone Twin Spar frame with revised structure and removable aluminum subframe. The new chassis reduces weight, improves handling, permits a twin radiator system, eases maintenance, and is stronger.
  • NEW! Twin radiator system improves cooling, reduces power loss to heat, and increases ground clearance.
  • NEW! Longer wheelbase improves high speed stability.
  • NEW! CARD rear shock has revised valving and improved reservoir design that tucks in better creating a slimmer mid-section.
  • NEW! Quick change air filter with vertical orientation reduces the chance dirt encroachment into the engine.
  • NEW! Air boot/Air box design provides over 2x the volume of clean air between the filter and the carburetor resulting in more power everywhere.
  • NEW! Steering stop design with built-in cushion.
  • NEW! Ergonomics provide a slimmer, flatter seat for easier fore-aft transitions and accommodation for a larger range of rider size.
  • NEW! Works style tuned pipe for increased power and a flatter torque curve. The result: earlier clutch engagement for improved rideability and more over-rev for enhanced top speed.
  • NEW! Ergonomic hand holds that make lifting the bike easier both at the starting gate and onto the stand.
  • NEW! Exhaust pipe and silencer combination: Pipe layout and tuning spec add both low-end torque and top-end power.
  • NEW! Chassis geometry: Longer wheelbase for improved stability. Shorter swingarm for reduced rear-end kick over braking bumps. Increased rake provides both improved stability and smoother cornering. Lengthened head tube stiffens front end for enhanced steering feel.
  • NEW! Mega Flo Yellow Plastic
  • IMPROVED! Fork settings resulting in improved handling on the roughest of tracks.


2021 CX50 FWE vs Competition





















2021 CX50 FWE Clutch Side












2021 CX50 FWE Stator Side













2021 Cobra CX50 FWE| 2021 Cobra FWE| 2021 Cobra Moto FWE


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