Cobra CX65 Engine | Cobra CX65 Motor


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Cobra Motorcycle CX65 Engine | 65cc Dirt Bike Motor

Cobra 65cc 2-stroke with Electronic Power Valve



• Improved clutch slave cylinder – Stronger design improves sealing and provides improved clutch feel.
• All-new lighter engine cases – Tighter package, reduced weight, and better internal oil flow.
• Redesigned water pump and cooling system – Improved durability and packaging. Easier maintenance is also a bonus.
• All-new powervalve solenoid mechanism – Smaller package, reduced weight, easier to maintain.
• Increased flywheel inertia – Increased tractability keeps power to the ground.
• Improved shifting – Improvements to mechanism and cases provide for smoother shifting under power.
• Smoother starting – Repositioned kick starter and improved mechanism allow youthful legs to generate a stronger kick for easier starting.



Power Valve 65cc Engine

  • Electronic direct computer control of power valve opening and closing.
    • Accurate, fast, and reliable control of valve provides consistent power application and eliminates valve flutter at the starting gate for better starts.
    •  True guillotine valve design seals to the piston when closed and provides smooth exhaust port roof when open.
      • Drastically improved low speed torque and top-end power.


Hydraulically Actuated Clutch

  • Room for an extra drive and friction plate.
    • More power to the ground for mod and large displacement applications.



  • Six-speed sequential


Cobra CX65 Engine | Cobra CX65 Motor



Shipping Charge $45.00  per Engine


Engine Ships in 3-5 Business Days


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